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I love to run but there are times when I would rather not. This is when the voices start. Chants, name calling, guilt and reverse psychology is how they get me up and out the door. I don't really mind the voices and have actually started looking forward to their daily calls. Together we have formed a running club that supports, encourages and competes with each other. I love these peeps. They are much more experienced, talented and tougher than I am. Pushing me out the door, through the hard miles and up the monster hills when I am feeling lazy or want to give up. Some people have "real" training partners, coaches and support crews. My team is ALWAYS with me and helps me to keep my eye on the prize and not veer off the track. Sounds crazy- Yeah, probably is.........

Thursday, May 12, 2016

IRC Drop Bag Raffle

This amazing Handmade Idiots Running Club Drop Bag will be raffled for the Relay for Life. This is the same (minus the minor differences that come from custom made products) as the bag that was previously brought $1,000 in our online auction.

Raffle tickets are $11.27 each and can be purchased by making a direct donation to the Relay for Life via this link ---->

Tickets will be sold until 10 pm on June 10th and a winner will be chosen via a random number generator at that time. The drawing will be streamed live but nobody will watch so I will contact the winner that night.

After you make your donation I will send you your raffle ticket #. It may not be an immediate reply so please be patient.

Thanks to Springfield, MO firefighter and Idiot, Jim Lane, for his extraordinary craftsmanship, generosity and dedication in the fight against the evil that is cancer.

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