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I love to run but there are times when I would rather not. This is when the voices start. Chants, name calling, guilt and reverse psychology is how they get me up and out the door. I don't really mind the voices and have actually started looking forward to their daily calls. Together we have formed a running club that supports, encourages and competes with each other. I love these peeps. They are much more experienced, talented and tougher than I am. Pushing me out the door, through the hard miles and up the monster hills when I am feeling lazy or want to give up. Some people have "real" training partners, coaches and support crews. My team is ALWAYS with me and helps me to keep my eye on the prize and not veer off the track. Sounds crazy- Yeah, probably is.........

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miles 179 - 184 With Friends

~If what you did yesterday still seems big, then you haven't done anything today~ This quote is attributed to Lou Holtz, a MASTER motivator. A friend of mine posted this on facebook a while back and I can't get it out of my head. Maybe it is because I have it written on the dry-erase boards in my office and weight room. Maybe it's because the VOICES are constantly whispering it. Maybe it's because I feel like it's time to push myself a little harder.......

It could be any or all of those things but the real reason is self-evident. Because it is TRUE. Everything that seemed like BIG accomplishments now seem small and old news. The milestones from 5k, 10k, 1/2, 25k, Full, 50k, 50 miler and the 54 miles at the Relay for Life were all HUGE events at the time. I basked in the feelings of great accomplishment for a week or the VOICES are starting in. "Hey sissy-boy....What's next?? We're getting bored." Interesting....I think they need a challenge and I just happen to have one in mind. Maybe it's time to try...... oh, never-mind. I'll tell you about it later. Right now we have more important things the One Mile of Honor.

WE are getting closer to 10,000 participants. 4 days left and it is up to 189 of the AWESOME ones. WOOOOO!!! x189 This means that we just need to recruit 2452.75 people everyday. EASY. Could happen. Small chance. Very slim. But still possible...... I continue to remain positive, optimistic and hopeful... and that is really the underlying message here. An attitude of Optimism and Hope....WE can make a difference -no matter how small the odds- WE CAN.

Today, for miles 179 - 184, it was my privilege to run IN HONOR of some wonderful people.

179th mile John Fant
180th mile Theresa Price
181st mile Liz Curtner
182nd mile Evelyn Young
183rd mile Margaret McArthur
184th mile John Wells

Once again, I am humbled and grateful to have been granted this privilege. They have joined the VOICES club and tomorrow, WE will run again and add a few more. Fight on, friends.

In times of great despair and uncertainty, it helps to know you’re not alone and that there is an answer–hope.


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